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7 Movie Scenes That’ll Have You Exclaim: “That’s how you have fun learning!”

Bring us your most boring topic, or book anytime (you’ll get ’em after this quick read).

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Singing “Such a boring day, such a boring people…” won’t help to have any fun when you’re trying to focus on learning. But there are some scientifically not proven ways to actually add fun to your daily homework, or in getting the hang of stock trading. 

(You know, scientists too need to know these in their ‘having their own fun’ life.)

That doesn’t mean they ain’t true.

We’re here with some handpicked scenes from a few iconic movies, which you may have watched or not. Either way, let’s get started.

Rough Book—Learning Physics with a Guitar and a lot of Fun

Guitar music is so attractive to the ears, right? Now imagine your physics teacher playing it for a lecture. Actually, no don’t. Just watch this clip below.

It’s definitely not “Bum Bum Bole” to entertain the kids. It’s actually a physics talk through the musical chords of a guitar, making learning fun. 

You know, where there’s life, there’s amazement. Isn’t that exciting for your learning experience? Well, if hitting your bestie with an egg can teach you Parabola, it definitely is (ask Naina Ma’am).

A passionate teacher can see their subject through anything and everything. Thus, they can show their disciples fun and creative ways of learning the concepts. 

School of Rock—Here’s the Pep Talk

You don’t need to be the best to try, you need to try to turn out the best. And, you don’t need all in favour to go on, you gotta go on to have all in favour.”

The very first step in making learning fun is removing (dealing with) the insecurities and fears in your head that are stopping you. Stop counting the eggs or thinking of getting foul ones. Get working and put up a great show.

Dewey Finn is not here to make Math fun. But he sure makes the lives of his students real fun as he pushes them to try what they’re good at in the most practical way. In fact, that is the real freedom someone chases in a prep school.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban—The Boggart Class

See the funny side of what scares you. With a “Ridiculous” imagination, chase it just like normal. Like this

Just imagine: Trigonometry ain’t a triangle but a (playground) slide. If you’re bored to imagine yourself an engineer, let’s be ACP Pradyuman calculating a thief’s possibility of jumping off the cliff.

Professor Lupin, being a werewolf himself, trains his students to live with their fears in an amusing way and have a life in their presence.

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Chillar Party —Fun learning through fake poop

Consume content related to your topic of study – movies, web series, unacademic books, etc. In the movie, Janghiya (the student) learns about Mahatma Gandhi through the movie, Munna Bhai MBBS 2 as his father owns a DVD shop. Clearly, he’s had impactful learning.

It’s a kids’ movie and they teach us how to innocently try everything for your purpose. Be it making fake poop to get rid of a new boy in the colony or hosting a chaddi march (march in underpants) against a minister to save that same new friend’s dog. 

Considering your learning goals, be the same fun kid to find a way. 

3 Idiots— What Is A Machine?

3 Idiots, above everything, is a story of a passionate learner. Rancho (Aamir Khan) is in love with engineering so he sees his concepts in everything he looks at. He enjoys every class as he just intends to learn the gist of everything engineering, and in his life. His passion is to explore everything all the time and experiment with his little learnings. 

Fun learning

He does not worry about the past or future. He’s just living his journey in the present at best. His aim isn’t high scores or a job, instead, he just wants to try out his ideas and create something or better, solve a problem. Just look at this scene here.

With his keen efforts, he is able to simplify the most difficult of concepts as in this scene. He exemplifies that if you wanna have fun, fall in love with what you are learning.

Freedom Writers —The Journal Scene

Do you remember being at a happening party and still feeling off? Like you’re just not able to absorb into it. It’s because you are already full inside — with thoughts and emotions; sometimes, even suffering. Until you really make peace with them, you can’t do anything no matter how strong your intent is. 

Journaling is a way to express yourself freely, just to yourself (unless you choose to share it with someone you trust). Through the course, you let your mind come up with solutions gradually. 

You know, Expression is Freedom. With a free mind, you can enjoy the most mundane of tasks. Here, Erin Gruwell intends for her students to come out of their mental misery and happily face the world out there. Moreso, focus on learning and the beautiful life they can create. 

PS: It’s a real-life story of Erin Gruwell and her students.

The Intern—The Video Resume and the Fun of Continued Learning

A fun learning advice from a senior person? Definitely yes. 

Ben Whittaker, a 70 y/o widower, is a man for life. In a world of people asking for their life to calm down, he wants it to get on his nerves again. So, he applied for an internship at an E-comm startup.

He seeks to work as much as he can possibly get and loves it too. He is ready to learn everything new because he’s got all this energy for life that he wants to invest in. His Yogi attitude towards every little big thing lets us know that fun is a by-product of self-chosen happiness. 

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Fun learning is not that difficult

A fun learning experience is a jovial involvement in a topic or task. It mostly depends on how you free your mind enough to lose yourself in something. This allows you the room for the creative imagination needed to dive to the core and enjoy the voyage. 

Do you know what’s more fun for us? Reading your comments with your unique routes to the fun. Drop ’em down.

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