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10 Netflix Shows That Accelerate Your Learning Process

Netflix is currently the world’s biggest online streaming platform and for good reason. The site boasts a ridiculous amount of content on its site and despite Netflix’s reputation of greenlighting almost everything for a series, they have produced some of the best movies and series of the decade.

So here is a list of 10 Netflix Shows that accelerate your Learning Process. Since 10 shows is not even a percent of the content available on this site, expect a few of these entries to be anthologies rather than individual series. 

Let’s get into it.

1. Headspace

Headspace Guide to Meditation is a great Netflix Show that teaches the user to meditate and relax. The show also deals with a series of topics like how to let go and how to deal with stress among others.

Headspace is a show that is very helpful for students who have trouble concentrating or are dealing with something in their personal life.

2. Explained

Explained is an anthology type of series i.e. it is divided into a ton of separate Chapters on Netflix.

Each Chapter deals with something different. There are topics ranging from money to the mind itself.

Explained is a great series for students trying to use Netflix as a learning platform.

3. The Secret

The Secret is a well-known book which has been turned into a one and half hour long special. 

In the special, philosophers and scientists discuss ‘The Secret’; a student can learn a lot from this special.

4. 100 Humans

So, 100 Humans is not a scientific show, however one aspect that cannot be ignored is sheer passion and absolute fun that this show exudes.

The concept of using 100 humans to answer questions about ourselves is a great concept, even though the execution might be a little flimsy.

It still remains an enjoyable watch.

Just don’t take it too seriously.

5. Dream Big

Dream Big is a documentary series that takes a look at the feats of engineering marvel present across the globe, if that is not enough to convince you; consider that the show is narrated by Jeff Bridges.

It is a 42-minute special that does an excellent job in not only displaying some grand monuments but at the same time is motivational and inspiring for the engineers of tomorrow.

6. David Attenborough

Moving back to an anthology series, we have all heard the name David Attenborough. Even if you have not, I am pretty sure you have heard his magnificent voice.

He has narrated over 100 documentaries and some of the best ones are available on Netflix.

His documentaries are a rich source of information pertaining to the great outdoors and is fun for everyone to watch.

7. Abstract The Art of Design

The show tackles all kinds of designs seen in the world of ours. From footwear to photography.

Abstract The Art of Design has great cinematography and is definitely a must watch for a design student. Each episode looks into a specific field with an expert along for the ride, The show is highly enjoyable and extremely insightful.

8. Brainchild

Brainchild is a show that answers questions that we all have but do not bother to Google, not because we are lazy but because of how many different answers there are to these questions.

The Netflix show streamlines these answers and presents them in a way that is easy to understand and visually appealing. It makes these concepts easy to learn for students.

9. The Code

Hosted by Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy, The Code might only be 3, 1 hour long episodes, however the subject matter tackled here is of great importance.

The Code exploress the significance of numbers in our world.

The show follows the host as he shows and explains how numbers govern our life; their value and beauty.

10. History 101

Just like most exams, we end this list with an entry on History.

History 101 is what it says, each episode tackles the history of unconventional subjects; for example The History of Nuclear Power, Feminism, Genetics.

It is a show far removed from any textbook but one which is great for learners of the subject as well as casual viewers.


So that was 10 Netflix Shows that accelerate your Learning Process, hope you enjoyed it. Check out Tutor Here for courses and other amazing blogs.

Again, this list hardly represents the amount of knowledgeable content that Netflix offers, I encourage you to do your own research and to keep learning and keep watching. 

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Top 10 Best Movies For Students

Art is an experience that every human needs to get connected with to derive inspiration. We, humans, require a daily dose of motivation and movies help us to accomplish that. Students are such a lively bunch that they get influenced and motivated easily by a strong entertainment medium and nothing is bigger in that regard than movies. Movies are food for both mind and soul. They help to expand our imagination. Watching a movie helps you increase your cognitive skills. It directly corresponds to reading a book, the movie is running in your mind. Unlike in reading, we never get distracted while watching the movies. They lighten up our mood and if you are watching good movies then it will give you a sense of inspiration, motivation, and a positive outlook.

After watching movies your mind thinks a lot about various choices, which modifies our way of thinking, our thoughts, and the basic philosophy of being human. It just can make us experience hundreds of different lives. Movies make a huge impact on our lives that is why it matters what type of movie we watch! With the pandemic still going on, let’s engage the time of students in doing something fruitful and interesting. Here we are going to list out 10 well-crafted cinematic pieces of art which every student must watch. Remember this list of movies is not only related to studies but also to different aspects of life.

Following are the Top 10 Best Movies For Students

The Social Network(2010)

The social network is the inspiring story of Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook at the age of 19. Despite its inaccuracies (considering real-life incidents) and fast-paced dialogues which are quite hard to catch up (mostly by Mark), it has been dramatically and wittily polished to make it more enjoyable. A brilliant and must-see movie for budding and aspiring coders as well as entrepreneurs. Exceptional performance by both Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield.

IMDB Rating – 7.7/10

The Pursuit Of Happyness(2006)

This movie is based on the real-life story of Chris Gardner, who invested a lot of money in a device that he thought would do great in the market but it turns out to be his biggest mistake. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, The Pursuit of Happyness is the startling real-life story of Chris Gardner. The power of hard work helps him reach greater heights. He expanded his career from medical equipment salesman to financial hotshot, only with pure dedication and hard work. Chris’s story makes it clear that no matter what the circumstances are, never give up. The movie will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

IMDB Rating – 8/10

Lean On Me (1989)

This is a very important film about education. Lean on Me is certainly a film that gives an exaggerated version of tough love. It’s a film about a high school principal who is dedicated to his students, but in the process, uses dictatorial powers to show his dedication. But this is a powerful film that shows a transformation from a school looking like a gang center to a school with high education results. There are not many films like these being made, so it’s a treat seeing an inspirational film like this. The film itself may be a little outdated, but the messages still ring true even in today’s world. This is an excellent movie that will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions.

IMDB Rating – 7.4/10

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Have you ever thought about what would have been the life of people around you if you never existed? This movie answers the same question for you. The greatest of all deeds is to touch a life! The movie is filled with amazing actors and is a very realistic view of life. It’s A Wonderful Life stands out, though, by going darker at points, yet better balancing that with the twinkly light. It’s a life-changing movie. It makes you feel good to be alive. Do us a favor and watch this movie as soon as possible! When you’re sad, think about the message this movie delivers, because it will surely put a smile on your face!

IMDB Rating – 8.6/10

Pirates Of The Silicon Valley (1999)

This movie is based on the History of the two biggest tech giants Apple and Microsoft, and their famous rivalry. If you do not know the history of these two tech companies, then you must watch this movie. The movie also teaches some good entrepreneurial skills that you can learn only from the real-life experiences of the two most influential people in the world, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. It is very well made and offers both humor and insight into the internet and the computer revolution. It is the story of two men who changed the world. We love how it draws the contrast between Gates and Jobs. Jobs was a visionary who got caught up in his philosophy. Gates, the brilliant and ruthless businessman who built an empire. This movie is simply amazing!

IMDB Rating – 7.2/10

Our Hindi counterparts ain’t far either!

3 Idiots (2009)

It’s a very good movie for students to help them understand to not be obsessed with the rat race. One of the jewels of Bollywood that revolve around 3 students “idiots” who come from different family backgrounds and the story of their unbreakable friendship saga, and their super strict professor, superbly highlights the issues like exams and placement stress faced by students. Hats off to Aamir Khan for his brilliant performance!

IMDB Rating – 8.4/10

Lagaan (2001)

Set in the Victorian era, the film is about the people of a small village who stake their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers. On one side we see veteran British cricket players, and on the other side are villagers, including the protagonist himself, who have never played the game before. Cricket takes a back seat in the film, as the plot progresses to teach us to challenge injustice through collective struggle, even in our smallest capacity. The film shows how even the inexperienced when working for a cause larger than themselves, can work in synergy and turn things around.

IMDB Rating – 8.1/10

I Am Kalam (2010)

A boy derives inspiration from the late former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, and decides to change his name to Kalam. On the inside, the rural boy also harbours the dream of meeting the visionary once in his lifetime. The child actor, Harsh Mayar, received the National Film Award for Best Child Artist for this film. There are multiple lessons in it for the observant. It touches so many diverse topics in a short duration of fewer than 90 minutes. After watching this movie you will come out with new insights, refreshed hope, and energy.

IMDB Rating – 8/10

Taare Zameen Par(2007)

A beautiful story about how a teacher helps a dyslexic student. The message of this movie is too large to be missed out on, however, we will not disclose the plot due to the reason mentioned above. Also, the movie highlights the importance of a good teacher in our life to make us achieve great success and reach great heights. It is a beautiful movie sensibly made to appeal to all sorts of audiences across all strata of society. It touches a chord in your heart and connects with everybody!

IMDB Rating – 8.4/10

Oh My God (2012)

This movie is highly recommended for students to help them understand what it truly means to be religious and to not mix the same with politics and or selfish agendas. The movie made an effort to enlighten people about the business aspect that often stays hidden behind religion. The movie is amazing! It came out of two conclusions that one can be an atheist or a believer but if the people go to the core of a story it says no power can help you unless you decide to act upon it yourself.

IMDB Rating – 8.2/10

While there are several movies out there worthy of mentioning these were just a few we decided to compile together in lit. If you haven’t seen some of these movies do remember to check them out when you have time. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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8 Movies That Parents Should Watch

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding phases that you can ever experience in your life. However, it can sometimes be stressful, especially when your kid steps into his/her teenage life. You can often see teens emotionally drifting away from their parents. This could either be a normal part of their teenage blues or there could be something seriously wrong with your child. There are circumstances when your child becomes secretive, hostile, and aggressive with you. It could be that your child is going through a breakup, bullying, body shaming, anxiety, or depression and they are just pouring out their emotions on you.
It’s not always easy to understand your child. What if movies can help you with it?

Here are the 8 movies that every parent should watch to understand their children in a better way:


As kids, if we miss out on our parents’ support, we find ourselves falling down the rabbit hole. Based on New York’s famous bestseller “Wonder”, the movie is a gratifying story of a 10-year-old boy, Augustus Pullman who cannot attend mainstream school due to his facial deformity. However, his parents summoned the courage and enrolled him in a school as he stepped into fifth grade. Throughout the plot, the family supported Auggie and stood behind him through his failures and success. His mom, Isabel calls him “Wonder”. The movie ended with a strong message i.e. “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday is a first-class comedy that portrays the conflicts between a single mother and her daughter due to the generation gap. “Tess” and her fifteen-year-old daughter “Anna” are constant quibblers. On a Thursday evening, their disagreement turned into a heated argument and an enchanted cookie caused Anna and Tess to become inhabitants in each other’s body. Stepping into each other’s shoes, they started understanding each other’s woes in a better way and eventually gained a newfound respect for the other’s perspective.

Inside Out

Human’s feelings become more nuanced as they get older. Inside Out is an animated movie inside the mind of a eleven-year-old girl “Riley”, who’s depressed because of her parents’ decision of moving away from the city and separating her from her friends. It portrays the emotions inside the girl’s mind, and how she recovers from the traumatic experience. The movie emphasizes that it’s important for parents to understand that major changes in their families always have an impact on a child’s emotions. It’s critical for parents to keep a close eye on their children during these times and to talk openly about any feelings that arise, whether positive or negative. Inside Out explores multiple emotions with sensitivity and is a must-watch for every family.

Generation Gap

The movie revolves around the life of an aggressive and defiant teen “Dylan”, who is sent to stay with his grandfather “The Colonel” where he learns self-control from his crusty loving grandfather. It depicts the passing of wisdom from one generation to other, thus bridging the generation gap.

Bend it Like Beckham

The movie revolves around the life of ‘Jess’, a young female soccer player who is born & brought up in a conservative British Indian Sikh household living in London. Her parents wanted her to learn household skills and get married, but Jess had her own plans. Initially, she faced a lot of resistance from her dodgy parents, but it all worked out in the end.


Udaan is an incredible coming of age film that revolves around ‘Rohan’, who is expelled from his boarding school for watching an adult film outside the campus. He is forced to return back to his alcoholic, suppressive and authoritarian father Bhairav Singh where he faces physical and verbal abuse. His father disapproves of his dream of becoming a writer and forces him to study engineering while working at his steel factory. Rohan and his brother Arjun ended up running away from their home and starting a new life. Udaan portrays vulnerability, courage and determination and is an ineffable cinematic experience.

Helicopter Eela

A single mother and an aspiring singer, ‘Eela’ gives up on her dream to raise her son Vivan. After Vivan grows up, he doesn’t want his mother’s life to revolve around him, rather he wants to give her space so that she can find her own identity. However, Eela being an overprotective mother joins the same college as her son to spend more time with him and begins to pursue her singing again. She faced a lot of discouragement because of her age. The movie ended on a positive note, with Vivan encouraging and supporting her till she discovered her identity.

Taare Zameen Par

The movie “Taare Zameen Par” is a heartwarming movie. It is about an 8-year-old boy Ishaan Awasthi who suffers from Dyslexia. He is a slow learner and finds all subjects difficult. His parents decide to send him to a boarding school, where he feels even more dejected and insulted. Ram Shankar Nikumbh, puts in an effort to understand Ishaan and his disability. He further explains to his parents that Ishaan is not abnormal but a special child. He helps Ishaan to cope up with his inabilities. The movie emphasizes that parents and teachers must focus on the efforts, not just “the results”.

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Fear-Factor: Some of the popular Mythical Creatures

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Credit: All That's Interesting

Mythological creatures have always fascinated us, be it in the form of folklore, legends, or occurring as characters in popular novels. The sheer number of creatures that are rumored to be in existence is simply too many to count. Although a major portion of them have been discounted as simply myths. More than the actual existence of them what is important is the symbolism that some of these creatures represent. Here we look at 7 such mythological creatures and rate them based on their ‘Fear Factor’ on a scale of 1 to 5

Credit: Pinterest


A manticore/mantichore is a creature that bears the face of a human and the body of a lion. It has a venomous tail like that of a scorpion. Some manticores are known to have the gift of flight and have gigantic wings. This beast derives its name from the Persian word ‘martichoras’ which simply translates to man-eater. Hence, it’s a given that it is very fond of human flesh.
Abilities: Shoots venomous spines and has unsurpassable speed.
Fear Factor: 5/5

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Renowned in folklore, a mermaid (masculine- merman), whose home is the sea, has the upper half of a human and the lower half of a fish. A mermaid is also known by other names such as ‘Siren’ and ‘Merrow’ in European folklore. The creature is usually harmless and is often written in stories having romantic engagements with human beings. But when in water, they can wreak havoc.
Abilities: Can cause storms and shipwreck, Fortune telling, can provide the power of breathing underwater to human beings.
Fear Factor: 2/5

Credit: Pinterest


Originating in Greek mythology, it is also known by the name ‘Hippocentaur’. This mythological creature has the head and torso of a human and the lower body of a horse, dwelling in the forests of Thessaly. They have an unpolished reputation for being violent towards women but fight for good against evil. They served the Greek God of wine, Dionysus and their only weakness was alcohol.
Abilities: speech and intelligence, strength and can use their hooves as a weapon.
Fear Factor: 2/ 5

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A divine creature, a horse associated with the color white is known for being goodhearted, kind, and helpful. Mythology states that the pegasus was born of Medusa’s blood as she was being killed by Perseus. Bearing enormous wings, Pegasus made the journey to heaven. He lived in Mount Olympus until his last day when Zeus granted him immortality by turning him into a constellation.
Abilities: can fly, travel from mortal to immortal reign.
Fear Factor: 0/5

Credit: twinkl


A monster that has the body of a lion, the head of a goat rising from its shoulders, and a tail that ends with the face of a serpent. Much like a dragon, it breathes fire. This hybrid beast is a very deadly creature bearing the powers of three different animals.
Abilities: fire that can melt weaponry, serpent’s venom, and strength.
Fear Factor: 4/5

Credit: Pinterest


In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a divine bird-like creature that dies and takes birth again, from its ashes. It is symbolic of the victory over death and represents a lot of virtues. We can call a phoenix invincible in its form.
Abilities: can set fire to anything with a single touch, can fly.
Fear Factor: 1/5

Credit: Pinterest

Lernean Hydra

A serpentine water monster, much like a dragon is known for having 3 heads (or nine). If anyone attempts to cut off a head, another would grow back in its place. Most well-known for its fight with Heracles.
Abilities: poisonous breath, regenerative heads, and is venomous.
Fear Factor: 5/5

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Reading Time: 2 Minutes

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Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in the year, 1890 in Torquay, England. The popularity of detective fiction reached its height during the First World War (the 1920s) and Christie’s crafted characters, crimes, and the detectives that solved them found a name for themselves. The period from the 1920s to 1930s came to be known as the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

It is a rare known fact that Christie wrote her debut novel to win a bet against her sister, Marge, who believed she won’t be able to write a detective novel. Throughout her lifetime, she has written 66 novels and 14 short stories and continues to bear the tag of a bestseller.


Her debut novel, The Mysterious Affairs at Styles birthed the legendary literary character, Hercule Poirot, a short Belgian man with a stiff moustache and a neat sense of dressing. Some of Poirot’s best cases are The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, ABC Murders, Death on The Nile, and Murder on the Orient Express. Poirot’s last case, ‘Curtain’ was published posthumously.

Miss Marple, an elderly spinster is another renowned creation of Christie. We first meet her in a short story named, The Tuesday Night Club which went on to be published in one of the many stories in ‘The Thirteen Problems’.

Credit: Pinterest

Agatha Christie always studied people around her for inspiration which helped her build memorable characters and their behaviour. To avoid writer’s block she preferred working on more than one story at a time. She liked paying attention to detail and describes in dialogues the plotline to hold the intrigue of her readers and keep them hooked until the very end. She would then reveal the killer and how the murder was carried out. Christie would drop subtle hints and clues to make the reader wear the shoes of an investigator and slightly mislead them into suspecting innocent characters but refrained from giving away too many clues.

Credit: Pinterest

She seamlessly wrote her hints to divert her readers to the various characters to establish an end that would surprise and excite them. Her autobiography is a reflection of her life and her journey as a writer.

Her thinking process and intricate plot details give us a view into her brilliant mind and why she is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Crime’.