Understanding Quadrilaterals

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Welcome to the world of shapes,

Quadrilaterals are one the basic as well as interesting area of geometry.

The following is a beginner level course regarding the understanding of quadrilateral, it comprises of :

  • What is Polygon?
  • Classification of Polygon w.r.t. number of sides.
  • Convex and Concave polygon.
  • Regularity of polygon.
  • Sum of exterior angle of polygon.
  • Special type of polygon.

The course being a beginner level course can be easily understood by any person , while crafting the course i have ensured to keep the course interesting enough that the learner will not only get actively involved but also retain maximum of the content during the course itself.

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What Will I Learn?

  • The course will help students to get familiar with basics of quadrilaterals and also equip them with key concepts and properties of the same.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons17m 58s

Introduction I?

The following topic comprises of the first half of the introductory part viz definition and classification .
Introduction I00:3:46
Quiz 1

Introduction II?

The following topic is the second half of the introduction comprising of the convex and concave polygons and regularity of polygon.

Sum of exterior angle of polygon?

The following topic comprises of discussion on sum of exterior angle of polygon with surprise.

Discussion on special polygons – I?

The following topic comprises of discussion on parallelogram and rhombus.

Discussion on special polygons – II?

This topic comprises of discussion on rectangle and square.

Master Quiz?

The following quiz will check the understanding of the entire course.

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