Can Education Change Society? Let’s Find Out.

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What do you think? Can education change society?

Education is the cornerstone of the success of any society. It plays a very important role in all stages of society, no matter which country or region you belong to. The skills and understanding of life and all areas required to successfully govern and manage society.

Lack of education has plunged society into poverty, weakness, dependence, and low living standards. Therefore, the real purpose of education is to create an educated and well-informed society. So, can education change society? The short answer is yes.

How can education change society?

Education is the most powerful weapon which can use to change the world

– Nelson Mandela

Education plays a vital role in changing people’s way of thinking and actively transforming society. Through education, people are more aware of the necessary steps to achieve change. People become more informed and push inventions through. Society changes as a result.

Without education, people will be stuck in a certain way of thinking or a certain path. This mentality is passed down from previous generations. People whose parents are farmers are more likely to become farmers. When the majority of the population has no education, they tend to stay in their circle or class. Education is the transmission of knowledge from generation to generation.

So, let’s understand the subject through the following points that characterize the role of education in society.

Aid to Progress

Better education opens up endless possibilities, especially in an era when technology and education ensure that opportunities are not restricted by geographical areas. Innovation and creativity can only occur when people are skilled enough to know how to operate with different technologies. Educated people always use better methods to find solutions to problems.

Education helps to eradicate poverty because educated people can find good jobs and meet all the basic requirements of their families.

It helps us improve our work efficiency

As we all know, the more degrees you have, the better your economic performance. There is a deep connection between education and productivity. In an era of constant competition, education makes industry prosper and, by extension, a nation flourish.

So, a good education is not just about going to school or getting a degree. The country’s trade will also flourish easily if its citizens are well educated. It helps them to become self–reliant and build trust among them to accomplish difficult tasks. Education also improves living standards.

Education provides strength to society

Education helps transform weakness into strength. Moreover, education makes us believe that we can stand up for ourselves, improve our decision-making capabilities, allow us to move, and give us access to social media.

Many studies have shown that in countries where women face gender prejudice, education helped them cope against marital violence, improved their decision-making capabilities, and helped them take control of their lives. This will bring about tremendous development in society and the country.

Due to lack of education, many suffer from hardships of discrimination, untouchability, and prevailing injustices in society. If the majority of the population will get an education, this will ultimately lead to the uplifting of the economically weaker social classes.

Education helps build a better society

Educated people are more likely to develop higher moral and ethical values ​​than uneducated people. Lack of education can lead to problems such as superstition, domestic violence, poor health, and low living standards.

Education provides equal opportunities for men and women, and educated people can build a better society. Furthermore, it gives one exposure to global perspectives and news, reducing misinformation and misconception. So, without a good education, there can be no better society.

Education enables reading and writing

“A man without education is like a building without foundation.”

Education helps a person read and write. Most of the information is provided in writing. A person with this reading ability is said to be educated—you can read books, newspapers, and symbols.

Education also helps to read signs on the street, in stores, at the bus, train, and flight stations. It also helps them in their daily activities such as banking, shopping, money transactions, and many more. When the majority of the society has such individuals, there is an improvement of living standards and quality of improvement.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons why education plays such an important role in society. Education allows people to lead a better lifestyle and make appropriate political decisions. It also promotes democracy and opposes dictatorial movements. Education also helps, directly and indirectly, in the prevention of disease and epidemics. Thus, education creates better communications and promotes dialogues between various peoples of the world.

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