8 Education Professions for Passionate Educators

Are you interested in education, but think that teaching is not suitable for you?

In this blog, we offer 8 amazing education professions, whether you want to work directly with students, support teachers, assume an administrative role, influence the community, or directly influence politics, courses, and trends: there is a job for you!

What alternatives are there for class teachers?

Education is the wealthiest industry in the world, and it offers many job opportunities that most people are familiar with. Today’s education industry offers many exciting careers that appeal to millennials.

In fact, aspiring professionals generally ignore this industry and believe that teaching is the only job in this industry. The education sector provides challenging, high-paying jobs that require highly skilled professionals to meet the required standards. So, here are 8 education professions every passionate educator should know about.

Career Counseling

Career counselors often have a similar background as admissions counselors. They are hired to assist with helping individuals find gainful employment that utilizes their strengths.

Career counselors evaluate clients on an individual basis and will review their job histories, education, and special skills to make career recommendations.

Colleges, career centers, and private recruitment firms hire career counselors to advise clients. Bachelor’s degree or higher is usually needed for this education profession. Some states require you to pass a career counseling exam.

Curriculum Designer

Curriculum designer careers are ideal education professions besides teaching. The profession involves planning and implementing educational materials. The professional will be responsible for choosing topics to be covered in courses and what types of course content can be used to best teach the subjects.

The content is not limited to textbooks only but can include videos and digital files. As the curriculum designer, the educator must also provide time frames for performing each activity. A company seeks curriculum designers with a bachelor’s degree in education. However, some employers prefer those with a bachelor’s degree in educational technology.

Freelance Writers, Bloggers, Podcasting

Freelancers are ideal full-time or part-time education professions for teachers and assistants. Freelance writers have flexible schedules and can work at the most convenient time. Podcasting is another option for educators, with the rising popularity of podcasts.

Blogs and other freelance writing projects do not require formal training, but a degree in creative writing or journalism can help writers acquire the skills needed for the job.

Life Coach

If you are looking for a position in education in addition to teaching, you can also work as a life coach. Life coaches focus on providing clients with another perspective to motivate them to pursue their goals and dreams.

You can work with executives from large companies to improve work-life balance or focus on helping people improve their normal lives. Your role as a coach depends on the type of coach you choose to be. You don’t need any special education or training to work as a life coach.

School Counseling

Teachers looking to pursue a second career can benefit from a career as a school counselor. The focus of the work is on helping students make decisions about their education and future based on their personal interests. Working as a school counselor requires a Masters’ degree.


Teachers who want to continue working with students and children can find tutoring opportunities. A tutor works with an individual or a small group to fix a weakness in a subject or to teach a new subject. The career path is similar to teaching but does not require the same standards as teaching.

You need a university degree and a certificate of guardianship. Further certification standards may vary by company or state. Therefore, find out about the standards that apply to your region.

Standardized Test Developer

Working as a Standardized Test Developer can be one of many great career changes for a teacher. So, if you love to work hard to make sure students get their learning outcomes, developing high-quality standardized test questions could be your second career. You can help educate students, parents, teachers, and administrators about where students are doing well and where they need to improve.

Online Educator

As the number of students receiving online education increases, so does the need for virtual teachers. As an online teacher, you’ll be able to optimize and personalize lessons for students while creating a space where they can find their voice.

Online organizations like Tutor Here are creating a streamlined digital learning experience for students. By removing the barriers students face and finding them right where they are, you encourage them to reach their full potential. Online schools also serve a wide variety of students and focus on a wide range of subjects.

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