Communication and its Types


People communicate with each other in several ways depending upon the message and its context. Today, in this blog, I am going to explain the different types of communication classified based on mode, purpose, and participants. Let’s get started.

Communication-based on mode:

Verbal Communication means communication using language. This is further divided into two –

  1. Oral Communication – It is the oldest means of communication which involves gathering or disseminating information through spoken words. It can either be in the form of a direct face-to-face conversation or indirect conversation through video calls, voice calls, etc.
  2. Written Communication – It is a formal means of communication that includes writing letters, emails, SMS, documents, reports, etc. which can be kept as a source of reference or legal record.

Non-Verbal Communication is an exchange of information or message between two or more people through gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, proximity, touching, etc. It involves communication via sign language, body language, tone of voice, expressions, and so on.

Communication-based on purpose or style :

Formal Communication follows certain rules, conventions, and principals while communicating. The use of slang and foul language is strictly prohibited. An example of this can be office communication.

Informal Communication is just a casual talk that we have with our friends, family, and closed ones. Usually, informal communication is done orally and using gestures.

Communication-based on the number of participants :

Intrapersonal Communication occurs within an individual as to analyzing situations, self-talk, maintaining a daily diary, or a personal journal.

Interpersonal Communication is an exchange of information between two or more people.

Group communication refers to the interaction among individuals (group), and it may involve the exchange of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Mass Communication is a type of communication in which a person, group of people or an organization sends a message through a channel of communication in a large group of anonymous and heterogeneous people and organizations. 

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