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Education Systems That Lead The World

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Education systems across the globe have had different outlooks on imparting knowledge. The world has been a global hub for learning, with educational institutions being the bridge. Education systems vary depending on the culture and values of the people of the country. The policies and structures that the government of the country enforces play a strong role as well.

In global rankings, countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, among others, have the highest rankings. However, Finland’s education system has consistently topped the charts over the years. This analysis is based on the country’s average student test scores in subjects like mathematics, science, and reading. Apart from that, matters like literacy rate, high school, and college enrollment rates, and international student ratios are also considered.

Education Policies of Finland

Education in Finland

Finland has managed to outrank UK and USA education systems in the above criterion. This is because the country follows a dedicated and systematic approach to learning. Finland adopts a very systematic and comprehensive curriculum with a design to ensure that root-level learning is elevated.

Finnish schools focus on high-quality infrastructure and other facilities. Tuition is free for students from the EU, European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland. Additionally, it is mandatory for most teachers and educators to have a master’s degree.

Finnish schools empower some core principles from the first stage of education. A child does not require to enroll in a school until they turn six. Though if a parent wishes, facilities like expansive early childhood education and care (ECEC) programs are available.

The Finnish government keeps reforming its education system to work with the latest trends. Its most recent reform shifts the attention of a learner from the classic ‘what to learn.’ Instead, it aims to inculcate a ‘how to learn’ mindset. Finnish education focuses well on helping a student get employed by training them to avoid-dead ends from an early stage.

UK’s Evolved Education

UK’s education emphasizes on analytical and practical thinking, dividing studies into different levels. The four levels include primary, secondary, further, and higher education. Students can choose if they wish to study further after each of these levels.

The most revolutionary system of evaluation in UK is perhaps its quality assurance system. The Quality Assurance Agency is an independent auditing agency. It is responsible for reviewing and comparing government controlled universities and colleges of the country regularly. They post their results on their website online

UK’s education ranks high on international students’ desirability index. Their teaching methodology breaks the barriers of classroom walls and implores students to venture out. Furthermore, scholarships, bursaries, grants, fellowships, and all sorts of financial aid are available for students with real potential and caliber.

UK is also the proud establisher of one of the highest globally accepted tests of the world the IELTS. Today, all major global universities have accepted IELTS as an assessment of English Language for non-native English speaking students. This includes most institutions of Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and more than 3,000 colleges, universities, and other institutions in the USA.

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USA’s Progressive Learning Systems

While the UK enforces the choice of choosing specializations quite early in the students, the USA’s Education System believes in teaching all major subjects till they earn their High School Diploma. USA’s education system focuses majorly on examinations and grades, which becomes an important deciding factor for students for enrolling in major universities of the country.

US academic system has three stages, i.e. Elementary school, Middle school, and High School, where importance is given to building foundations in English language and Mathematics.

The biggest difference in the US education system from its counterparts is that here there is an option of studying major subjects like Mathematics and Science sequentially rather than simultaneously like others. There is a choice for the student to complete Physics in one grade and Mathematics or Chemistry in another. The only end goal is to finish off with everything to earn a diploma after the 12th or the senior year.

Education in USA

Global Education Systems have managed to connect continents for centuries. With each country looking to outshine the others in matters of education, competition is tough. The responsibility of curating a top-notch education system, that caters to a global audience is what separates these countries from others in the field.

In the coming decades though, new players will be emerging with progressive policies for education. Gradually it seems, no education system shall be out of reach for those who really wish to advance in fields of their choice.