The Magic of Communication


What do lightning and thundering indicate? Isn’t it giving you an indication of the coming of rain soon? That is how nature communicates with us.

Communication is a magical bridge that connects two living beings emotionally. All living beings communicate in some way or the other, which is proof to show that communication needs no language. For speechless creatures, communication is limited to understanding each other’s emotions to survive in this world whereas, for human beings, it is a lot more than that. It’s their bread and butter.

Humans have been communicating ever since the stone-age. That time, it was needed to survive in the world. It started as signs, symbols, lines, and shapes later evolving into a full-fledged language to speak and to calculate.

With this, the concept of Verbal and Non-Verbal communication emerged. Now, let me explain in brief what these are.

Verbal Communication is using language as a medium to communicate while NonVerbal Communication involves sign language, body language, tone of voice, expressions, etc.

What is the scope of communication?

The scope of communication is much wider than one can think. It is very important in our day-to-day life, for both personal and professional purposes. It plays a major role in building and maintaining social relations. 

Careers in Communication

Students looking for a career in the communications field can find these following opportunities in different media sectors:

Radio– Voice over artist, Radio Jockey, Announcer, Script Writer, Production Manager, etc.

Theatre, Television & Film – Script Writer, Screen Writer, Photographer, Art Director, Assistant Director, Film Director, etc.

Journalism – Anchor, Announcer, Correspondent, Reporter, Camera Person, Production Manager, News Writer, Editor, Proof Reader, Web Content Writer, etc. 

Advertising – Story Developer, Content Writer, Creative Writer, Screen Writer, Digital Media & Social media Handler, Marketing and Communications Manager, Media Manager, etc.

Public Relations – Public Relations Officer, PR Advisor, PR Manager, Communication Expert, Information Officer, etc.

Communication exists everywhere. It is just an act of expressing one’s thoughts or emotions to the other, whether it be a person, an animal, or nature itself. To understand more about communication and its scope as a career, click here