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6 YouTube Playlists to Enhance Focused Learning

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Study in silence is an old aphorism that no longer applies. Today, learners listen to YouTube playlists as they go through their lessons. Listening to music while studying is a great way to enhance your focus.

Music has a way of revitalising our spirits, removing negativity and bringing order to our otherwise chaotic lives. The soft and the serenading beats mask the undesirable background noises. It uplifts your mood and energy levels and motivates you to study and increase your efficiency.

However, you need to be careful while choosing the music for study. Research reveals that if the music isn’t distracting, it usually encourages focused learning. The key is finding music that works for you and elevates your focus rather than distract you.

In a previous post, we had covered YouTube Channels for a Fruitful Learning Session. Now, we have more YouTube content for you—only this time we are here with some music to your ears.

After much research, I have compiled a list of study-friendly YouTube Playlists. Are you ready to meet your academic goals with some music on the side?

Quiet Quest- Study Music

Duration- 5 hours 56 minutes

  Study Music| Deep Focus is a music playlist by Quiet Quest that is ideal for listening to while studying or working. It can also be used for deep focus and concentration. The YouTube playlist includes serenading choir music and galaxy images that help you relax and embark on a journey to a distant galaxy. The music, however, can also be used for deep sleep.

Just Instrumental Music

Duration- 3 hours 3 minutes

Just Instrumental Music uses only the greatest in soothing piano sonatas for absolute focus. The playlist comprises more than 3 hours of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s greatest compositions for studying, concentration, and reading. Just Instrumental Music boosts your brain functions by blocking white noise, creating a learning ambience that’s free of distractions.

Brilliant Classics

Duration- 3 hours 5 minutes

 Minimal Piano Music Compilation for relaxation and studying by Brilliant Classics serves the best when you just need to plug in and concentrate. Piano Study Music not only improves attention and concentration but also stimulates creativity, allowing you to develop more productive study habits. The Minimal Piano Music Compilation for relaxation and studying brings together some of the most serenading piano beats ever produced.

Buddha Tribe- Relaxation Bar Music Vibe- Studying Music

Duration- 50 minutes

Piano Songs to Increase Brain Power and Concentration by Buddha Tribe is a soft and soothing piano music that is composed to relax your mind and boost your brainpower. The soothing beats overpower the racing thoughts that annoy you while you’re attempting to jam important knowledge into your head.

Buddha Tribe has added gentle piano beats to the playlist to add to the soothing impact and make the learning process easier. The playlist comprises Studying Music, Soothing Music to Increase Cognitive Skills, Brain Training Music, Mind Power, Music Education for Anxiety Treatment, Study and Meditation Music.

Relaxing Records

Duration- 2 hours

Concentration Music for Learning is a study playlist by Relaxing Records. This playlist has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, making it ideal for long study periods. The playlist includes alpha waves and binaural beats in the playlist to help you focus, concentrate, and think more clearly. The music serves as an anti-stress relief and helps you prepare for the exams. The playlist has a varied range of music including classical background music, jazz and instrumental music that makes learning interesting.

Relax Melodies

Duration- 4 hours

4 hours Peaceful & Relaxing Instrumental Music-Long Playlist by Relax Melodies is one of the most effective playlists ever created. The four-hour length is ideal for back-to-back study sessions. Also, the playlist improves attention while also assisting in the creation of a peaceful and soothing learning atmosphere. The sedating properties of this playlist are essential for post-study relaxation, in addition to boosting your attention during study time.

Summing Up

As long as it doesn’t distract you, music may be pretty useful for studying. Classical music is particularly effective since the low / no lyric approach is less likely to distract you. What’s worthy of noting here is that this list of YouTube Playlists is not restrictive.

Given how subjective music is, deciding on the best study playlist boils down to what meets your own needs. The standard procedure is to try out each of the above study playlist suggestions and see which one works best for you.


YouTube Channels for a Fruitful Learning Session

Here is a list of YouTube Channels for a Fruitful Learning Session.

YouTube is a wonderful multi-faceted platform that is used by millions of people around the globe every day. One of the biggest communities on YouTube is the Education community.

However, with over 500 hours of content being uploaded every day, it can be a daunting task to navigate this digital maze. Therefore for your benefit here is a list.


  1. Learn Concepts
  2. Listen Alongside
  3. Solve Alongside
  4. Motivation and Tips

1.Learn Concepts:

When it comes to learning concepts whether they be in your textbook or not, these are the channels to trust.

a. Vsauce(1,2 and 3):


The three Vsauce channels all deal with education. Vsauce 1 is generally handled by Michael Stevens, Vsauce 2 by Kevin Lieber, and Vsauce 3 by Jake Roper.

This along with their fourth channel D.!.N.G(Do Online Now Guys) makes Vsauce the absolute powerhouse of the education sector of Youtube with each channel dealing with different things.

D.!.N.G started out as a way to showcase cool things on the internet but nowadays it is used by Michael to make videos to explain simple maths and physics concepts from divisibility rules to lenses and more.

Vsauce 1 is a sometimes bizarre but always entertaining and educational channel which serves as Michael Steven’s main channel. You will find a huge variety of different topics being discussed here. Concepts reaching from outer space to everyday life. Vsauce 1 is the original and often times the go to channel for all.

Vsauce 2 is run by Kevin Lieber and he uses it to showcase the brilliance of Mathematics. Kevin’s videos often associate real and abstract concepts with mathematical probabilities and his channel also sees the most frequent uploads.

Vsauce 3 started out as a channel that linked video games to real life but under the command of Jake Roper, it has evolved into a much more complex entity. The channel focuses on time and space as well as nuclear war, fallout, and also applying science to movies. Vsauce 3 also has the best production and set designs given that it is the only channel of the three that has sets.

b. Crash Course:

Crash Course

The channel is run by brothers John and Hank Green and focuses more on concepts that are necessary for students to learn in schools.

They possess excellent range in their content and their videos are easy to understand due to the sleek video production and simple animations which are used to explain the concepts.

They also tackle concepts that one may not find in their textbooks and almost all their videos are as enjoyable as they are educational.

c. Sci-Show:

Sci Show

Moving outside the textbook more, Sci Show gives the viewer information on everything from dinosaurs to humans and everything in between.

More recently the episodes are hosted by Hank Green(Yes , Crash Course Hank Green) with each episode on average being around 8 minutes long.

Nevertheless, the channel is able to pack a ton of information despite the short run time and the range of content ensures that everybody leaves happy.

d. Minute Physics:

Minute Physics

Short videos explaining tons of concepts and it is all done by a guy scribbling on a piece of paper while pointing a camera at it is the best way to describe Minute Physics.

With its simple presentation and easy to understand explanations, it is possible for any topic to be easily understood by anyone.

This is probably the most genius channel on the platform given how simple yet ingenious it is.

e. Backyard Scientist:

The Backyard Scientist-Jonathan Grant Thompson

Finally dealing with a channel that uses more practical means as a way to explain things.

Think of a ridiculous idea for an experiment and chances are John has already done it.

Breathtaking visuals with a learning edge topped with a generous sprinkle of Wow is the best way I can describe this channel.

2. Listen Alongside:

for when you need to some good music to help you focus on your topics.You can trust these channels. Don’t worry there are no mid roll ads.

a. Lofi Girl:

Lofi Girl

We have all heard of her and here she is.

The channel always has two live streams which run 24/7, one to listen while studying and the other to relax to.

The channel boasts some of the best calming yet empowering music with 0 lyrics which are always helpful no matter what you are doing.

You must note though that the channel is dominated by techno music and you won’t find a lot of classical here.

b. Yellow Brick Cinema:

 Roche Klue – Founder of Yellow Brick Cinema

Now here you have a chance to find your classicals.

YBC has multiple live streams for you and the activity you are doing, there are streams for studying,relaxing,doing yoga,getting a massage; basically anything & everything.

The channel also boasts a large number of selections sure to make any music enthusiast happy.

3. Solve Alongside:

Now we get to channels where one can sit and learn or can solve the questions alongside(recommended).

a.Khan Academy:

Khan Academy

Starting with the one that possibly started it all.

I will keep this simple, you have a textbook concept then Khan Academy can teach you

The one drawback to it is the feedback system is not that efficient however the video quality and content is leagues ahead.



Vedantu offers amazing courses which help students prepare for exams.

Along with videos they have live streams with amazing teachers helping students understand concepts of different subjects and also giving students a classroom experience.

c. Physics Wallah:

Alakh Pandey- Founder of Physics Wallah

Leaving the corporations behind and coming to one man.

Physics Wallah teaches several concepts clearly and helps students learn by example with important questions and not just concept over concept.

d.Tutor Here:

Tutor Here

Tutor Here is a recent site yet has a plethora of courses in almost every subject there is.

These courses are easily accessible by anyone for free. With each course being easy to understand and applicable for a student of any age. Tutor Here provides a great learning experience.

4. Motivation and Tips:

The final category helps to motivate students after a burnout as well as give tips to help students improve.

a. Better Ideas:

Joey Graceffa- Founder of Better Ideas

Despite not being study related, Better Ideas is an oasis of a channel that teaches its viewers several skills and tips that help them stay happy in Life.

the channel provides a ton of stylized videos that will help the student overcome any burdens he/she may face during their studies.

b. Einzelgänger:


This channel makes videos about history and philosphy.

It gives out Life Lessons from some of the most well known historical figures while also tackling their philosophical ideas and their modern implications.

From lessons on Love to Focus, you can find a lot of motivational content on this channel.

c.Matt DiMaio:

Matt DiMaio

Now this is a channel for study tips.

The Channel provides you with a lot of amazing tips which are unbelievably unique and effective.

This is one of the channels you must watch if you find dealing with your text books a chore.

And well there you have it. Some of the best YouTube channels across different categories, each designed to help a student in different ways.