Top Online Learning Resources Your Child Needs

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The Internet is a vast place that enables students to find all kinds of online learning resources that allow students to learn. However, with a platform this big, it can be hard for students to navigate and find resources that are actually helpful.

So, here is a list of 10 Online Learning Resources your Child Need.

Top Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Resources are Assets present on the internet which help a child learn and grow. They can range from videos to magazine articles and more; in the more recent times online learning resources are more useful than ever.

Since, most people are spending a lot of time at home; these courses can therefore provide students a great learning experience.

For, the purposes of this list I will be listing websites that are useful for students.


Subscription Price-US$19.99 per month

Udemy is one of America’s biggest online course provider. It is mainly focussed on coding skills, teaching basic and advanced courses in several important coding languages.

Apart from that though, Udemy also provides courses in Design, Photography, Business, etc.

Udemy is extremely popular and it has a neat interface which is easy to use.


Subscription Price-US$39-79 per month

Coursera is one of the sites with a dizzying amount of content, you can learn a lot from this site.

Coursera features a lot of things from Data Science to Health to Learning a language.

It does have a higher price point and the interface is not always the best (especially on mobile) yet still, the amount of content justifies the price point more than enough.

Skill Share

Subscription Price-US$15 per month

And here we have Skill Share, pretty sure you knew this website from the number of youtubers who get sponsored by them.

Nevertheless, Skill Share has around 20k courses of different subjects and is very useful in our current stay at home times. The interface is clean if a little confusing but very nicely designed.

It also features a ton of hobby courses, allowing students to focus on non-education related courses.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Subscription Price- Free

This is an online resource site run by Massachusetts Institute of Technology(I swear I spelt that right on my first try), should I anything say more?

Ok, but still; one problem here is that the site features undergraduate and graduate level courses, so you will not find something like Guitar classes here.

Still, the site is a goldmine and one which every student needs to visit.


Subscription Price-US$5-15 per month

‘Brain Breaks’ is the word of the day.

The site uses a variety of teaching techniques and is a site available to be used even for kindergarteners. It generally features K-12 Education content which is taught using a few unconventional techniques which the site will tell you plenty about.

Overall, It is a good site to revise concepts as well as learn new ones for school students, and with a good price it could be a very useful tool for the growing mind.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Subscription Price-US$5.99 per month

The people who made your pencils also make your courses now!

Scholastic Learn at Home is again mainly for school students and features courses that help them learn, you will not find anything out of the ordinary here, nevertheless, the courses feature reading, hands-on activities, and videos, helpful for a growing child.

LinkedIn Learning

Subscription Price-US$29.99 per month

First off, the interface is excellent, easy to navigate and also gives you almost all the information you need for the course.

It also features a variety of courses and the huge diversity of courses in admirable, LinkedIn Learning however is focussed on skills related to your job and education, which means you will not find anything hobby related here.

Apart from that it serves as an excellent platform for learning.


Subscription Price- Free*

edX courses are technically free, but students will have to pay a low fee ranging from $50-$100 to take a “verified certificate” version of the class, which includes a verified certificate as well as graded homework during the course and unlimited course access.

edX is created in collaboration between MIT and Harvard, should I say more?

Again though most courses here are for undergraduate and graduate students, nevertheless the courses here are very helpful for any student trying to learn and every student should visit the site at least once in my opinion

Khan Academy

Subscription Price: Free

Khan Academy is the name that comes to mind when people think of free online learning resources, and there is a reason for that.

The site has helped millions and still continues to do so, it is one of the best places to learn. It boasts a large library of content as well as some really remarkable teachers.

Learning with Tutor Here

Subscription Price: Free

Finally, not to toot our own horn, Tutor Here is an excellent choice to kickstart your learning journey. Here, learners can explore a variety of courses, blogs, and workshop recordings. What’s more? We hold weekly yoga sessions that can care your mind as you consume knowledge.

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